04: Human Brain >>>> ?

What makes us humans is the squishy triple pounder inside our heads. You can comprehend the incredible complexity of the Earth only is because you have an incredibly complex brain inside your head.

There are about approximately 8 million identified species on our planet but we Homo sapiens stand tall amongst all, the answer lies in the way our brains have evolved.

So how come we are the apes with the big ideas.?

It’s a long story, the story of something that may not exist anywhere in the solar system. Maybe in the Universe, yes, it’s Fire.

So what does the fire had to do with our jello, residing underneath our skulls? 

As far as we know. This planet is the only one with right conditions for the fire to burn.

There is one thing that fire gives above all else.

But cooking food does something that’s way more important than making it just tasty. We as humans have power hungry brains. A big chunk of our body’s energy has to be used to keep them running. By cooking, we are actually breaking the cell walls of the food that releases so many more nutrients and calories to help fuel our brains. One of the key moments in the history of our species was when our ancestors harnessed fire.

The theory goes like this, cooking let us get more energy out of every bite of food. So we spend less time feeding our brain and more time in using it. 

You couldn’t imagine life without fire. But a Brain that can harness fire may not have evolved in the first place if it wasn’t for a force that’s so powerful that made the highest mountains on the earth. Yes, I am talking about the tectonic forces. The further you get away, you kind of see overarching themes, the way our planets have formed. It was forces like these that would transform one particular corner of our rock into the cradle of humanity.

This blob of jello, with these 86 billions of neurons, we have left the planet and looked far out into the universe trying to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. No matter how far out we look. The most far-out thing that we have ever found is right between our ears. 

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