05 : Venus =<<<<< Earth ?

When our Solar system was young, Venus had liquid water, and it merely looked like our Earth.
And after some million years, Things started to go horribly wrong. Venus oceans are all gone now. Its surface is hotter than a boiling oven ( avg: 462 degC), hot enough to melt Lead. But why? 


We might think because it is 30 percent closer to the sun than the Earth is, but that’s not the reason. 
Venus is completely covered by the clouds of sulfuric acid. Why is it so hot? Because the small amount of heat that gets in through the clouds cannot reflect back.
The flow of energy is blocked by a dense atmosphere of Carbon dioxide.
Carbon dioxide acts like a smothering blanket to keep heat in.  Venus is in the grip of a runaway greenhouse effect.  Due to intense atmospheric pressure, Venus seems like a hot bowl.
Venus and Earth started out with the same amount of carbon, but two worlds propelled along radically different paths. Carbon was the decisive element in both of the stories. 
Most of the carbon in our planet has been stored for Eons in solid vaults of carbonate Rock, White Cliffs of Dover, English channel.
A creature 1000 times smaller than a pinhead, trillions of them live here, yes I am talking about the unicellular Algae.
Volcanoes supply carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and oceans slowly absorb it, working over millions of years, the microscopic Algae harvested the carbon-dioxide and turned it into tiny shells, they accumulated in thick deposits of chalk or Limestone in the ocean floor.
Later the time, The earth pushed up the ocean floor to carve out these massive cliffs. Yes, I’m talking about the White Cliffs of Dover which I was mentioning earlier.
Other marine organisms took in carbon dioxide to create coral reefs and oceans converted dissolved carbon dioxide into Limestone without any help from life.
As a result of these events, only a trace amount of gas was left in the earth’s atmosphere.
With no carbon dioxide at all earth would be frozen and with a little more, things would comfortably get hot.
venus todayArtist’s conception of planet Venus Landscape.
Venus lost it’s ocean to space billions of years ago and the atmosphere of Venus is 90 percent heavier than ours. That’s why Venus is a ferocious inferno, so hostile to life. On Contrary, our Earth is home to in numerous forms of life, it somehow managed to evade the impact of carbon dioxide, smart enough to make use of it in its favor.
Nature can create or destroy anything without the help of any intelligent life. 

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